Both sides overreacted and mishandled things, I don`t think the pitchfork is justified, especially since I`m sure there`s another side of this story where OP complains about another player for following the rules instead of following his own advice of 1. Don`t start a verbal argument with another player 2. Find references to clarify and do their job. DESIGNATED SAFETY ZONE: THIS IS A NO-FIRE ZONE. THESE INCLUDE PARKING, A STAGING/BRIEFING AREA. DESIGNATED BEHAVIOR IN SECURE AREAS: Below are simple safety rules that must be followed in the designated security zone. 1. EVERY AIRSOFT GUN MUST HAVE A BARREL COVER OR IN A POCKET/HOLSTER. 2.

THE MAGAZINES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE AIRSOFT GUN. 3. THE SECURITY OF AIRSOFT WEAPONS MUST BE ENABLED. 4. KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM TRIGGERS. By leaving field 1. Remove the feeder 2. Pull twice on semi-finished products in barrel or bottom 3. Attach the barrel cover of the BARREL COVERS: Players must have appropriate gun covers for their AEGs. Socks, gloves and hats are unacceptable. DRUM COVERS MUST BE LIT AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE DESIGNATED SAFE AREA.

FULL SEAL GOGGLES AND/OR MASKS: Mandatory full seal goggles and/or masks must be worn at all times outside the designated safety range and must comply with at least ANSI 87.1. Players under the age of 17 must have full plastic or mesh protection in addition to sealed glasses. The paintball mask is preferred. 18+ players don`t need to wear a lower face shield. RED RAG / DEAD RAG: This is mandatory for the game to detect hits and ensure player safety. The red cloth should be large enough to completely cover the player`s head. AGE LIMIT FOR PLAYERS: The minimum age is 12 years. PLAYERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST HAVE A PARENT OR GUARDIAN ON THE FIELD TO SIGN THE WAIVER. BB: Due to the requirements of our city, you are only allowed to use biodegradable BBs in our field. NO BBS MADE OF METAL, GLASS OR SILICA. SPEED LIMITS / FPS: All AEGs, spring and gas pistols/rifles/shotguns must chronograph with a BB of 0.25 grams below 400 fps. All single-shot/semi-automatic sniper rifles must have a chronograph below 500 fps with a BB of 0.25 grams.

AIRSOFT GUNS THAT DO NOT MEET THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE FIELD. ZERO TOLERANCE APPLIES. Then stand in front of him and line up with him instead of harassing people on the internet. You`re like the guy who posted a few days ago, „I could have totally beaten the guy who called me a bad guy.” Telling one player to set fire to another player for an honor issue is sure to make you an adult. I`m a local and I hope to go to Zulu when I start playing. I expect much less from the metropolitan area. They handled it well. ATTACKERS HAVE AN UNLIMITED LIFESPAN.

DEFENDERS HAVE ONE LIFE PER BASE, MUST RESPAWN FROM THE NEAREST BASE ONCE THEY ARE KILLED. (WELL DONE CQB, HELICOPTER, DRUGLAB.) IF THE DRUG LAB`S COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY TEAM IS DEAD, THEY WILL STAND BEHIND DRUGLAB. MAY REAPPEARS AFTER TEAM T TOUCHES THE PRISON CELL. THE GOAL IS TO BRING VIP TO THE ALPHA SIDE OF CQB. ONCE VIP IS FREE, THE T-TEAM HAS NO REAPPEARANCE. CT HAS UNLIMITED RESPAWNS 0230 THE FIFTH GAME STARTS 0330 THE FIFTH GAME ENDS Totowa Airsoft is teaming up with Zulu 24 at Rock Tavern, NY to host Operation Counter-Strike this Sunday 8/17. The event consists of 6 scenarios throughout the day, ranging from attack/defense to team deathmatch with a draw and gift at the end of the day. Doors open at 8am and it costs $45 to play or $40 if you pre-register at the Totowa Airsoft store in Totowa, NJ.

It makes sense to keep firing until the shot is called, so it`s not even wrong. It also makes sense that if you see a player doing something wrong, tell it to a reference instead of trying to correct it yourself. The ref is there to deal with problems with other players. It`s not your job or business to incite with someone who is already angry. This is how the fighting takes place in the heat of battle. Sorry, bud, but I`m not going to stroke your obviously hurt ego here. Let the refs do their job. was not hit Or 3) is a scam (all appropriate reasons to overtake if you ask me) NO INDISCRIMINATE SHOOTING: You need to see your target before intervening.

I don`t know this area, but it seems that a lot of people get upset when they are fully automated instead of 1 or 2 BB semi-automatic shots. Personally, I don`t mind and I don`t care, but I also call my shots as soon as possible to prevent them from shooting me further. The pain doesn`t hurt at all, so I don`t see the hatred at that time, I walked away to avoid a verbal confrontation in the middle of an intense exchange of fire. He immediately said the following. Event Price: In-store pre-registration: $40 (10% off all purchases: In-Store Reg. Online pre-registration only: $45 Walk-Ons Event Day: $45 ” What are you talking about? How does this affect you? Lying about the real event and not correcting one`s own mistake shows the new generation of players how the game should be played. Rules and regulations ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN A WAIVER ON THE DAY OF PLAY. It happened last week in a game. I was walking towards Respawn when I heard a player (player A, red team) yelling at a player (player B, blue team) to shout his shot. Player C of the red team decides to say, „Go fuck him, turn it on.” .