Note: We do not accept FedEx returns. All express air waybill labels sent to the Notarization Office for the use of return documents must include the customer`s mailing address as sender and recipient. Before submitting documents that require authentication, you must meet the following requirements: It is important to respect important legal documents such as a birth certificate or power of attorney. If you need to provide a duplicate of the document, the other party may insist that the copy be a certified true copy of the original. Often, it is enough to find a notary who certifies that the copy is identical to the original. Sometimes it takes more effort. Medical records Medical records kept in a doctor`s office or hospital are not public records; Therefore, you are allowed to make certified true copies of the original documents. It may be preferable for the party to request copies from the doctor or hospital due to confidentiality concerns. A notary clerk of the office could make the copies. Notaries may also make a certified copy of a valid (unexpired) foreign passport or visa (issued by the U.S. Department of State) for official purposes, with a non-resident alien`s most common application to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for an Individual Federal Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

Non-resident aliens who have earned money in the United States must pay income tax before they can leave the country. To begin this process, the IRS requires the filing of a Form W-7 along with proof of the applicant`s identity. The only document the IRS accepts to prove both an applicant`s identity and foreign status is an unexpired foreign passport. Visas are accepted in combination with other identification documents. For this reason, we say that notaries authorized by their state to make certified or certified true copies can make copies of valid foreign passports or visas valid for the IRS. All other requests for copies of these documents must be considered individually. Do not make a colour copy of a passport or visa. 5. Pay special attention to the blank certificate for the description of the document Be sure to describe the document in sufficient detail so that the notarial certificate cannot be attached to a photocopy of another document.

If it is a multi-page document, you must also specify the number of pages. Certified true copies are required by anyone who needs to submit certain documents, such as identity documents, if you cannot risk transmitting the main document. For example, a birth certificate is something you should always have with you, and it`s not ideal to give it away. Second, certified true copies are useful. You can send them for various legal actions while keeping your original documents safe. Step 3 – Make a copy of the document on white paper; Do not use colored paper. Do not make a color copy that looks like the original. Use your copier`s default black and white setting. If the customer brings you the copy, check the copy carefully and compare it to the original to make sure the copy is a genuine copy. Step 4 – Use the right notarized certificate to make a certified copy.

Or, if you prefer, use a stamp on the copy that contains your legal notarized confirmation word for this type of act. If you cannot use a stamp, you must attach a notarized certificate in bulk. If you are using a free certificate, be sure to add credentials to the end of a vague certificate that resembles the following: „Attached to (document name). Number of pages including this ____. Date of document, if applicable:____. Signatories, if applicable: _____ Step 5 – Complete certification. Step 6 – If your state requires you to keep a journal of notarial deeds, ask the clerk to sign the notary`s book after recording what was attached to the certificate, the number of pages, the date of the original, and the names of the signatories, if any. Typical certified copy Certificate language As a general rule, states that allow notaries to make copies have a special certificate language specified in notarial manuals. The typical language of the certificate for certified true copies is shown below.

Note that notaries in Florida „confirm” the accuracy of the copies. In addition, notaries in Florida must personally supervise the making of copies of originals. State __ County __ Certified true copies may be obtained from an official source other than a notary.